Celebrating 20 years of the avant-garde in Atlanta!

Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, a non-profit artist collective based in Atlanta, fosters the experimental and avant-garde across disciplines to create opportunities for dialogue, collaboration and growth in the contemporary art community.

October 20, 2018 | Metropolitan Studio Lofts
675 Metropolitan Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30310

Celebrating 20 years of Eyedrum. 20th birthday party. Ocotber 20, 2018

On Saturday, October 2018 Eyedrum will host a 20-year art and music retrospective and celebration of its founding in October of 1998. The event will feature an interdisciplinary spectrum of the avant-garde including art, music, performance, and film representative of the artists who have exhibited through the years. Funds raised from the 20-year anniversary celebration will go towards programming, securing a permanent venue, and staffing the position of Executive Director. 

Eyedrum Archive

Emory University has partnered with Eyedrum to formally archive 20 years of Atlanta’s unique and rich DIY art history. The Eyedrum Archive is to be permanently housed at Emory University’s Rose Library Special Collections and Archives and will be open to the public for research. Eyedrum is accepting physical and digital submissions – stories, audio, video, images, flyers, show cards, etc. – from Eyedrum events. Researchers interested in DIY arts and Atlanta, will have access to materials and documentation of the myriad artists, musicians and others who have presented at Eyedrum. Artists and curators are invited to submit work and documentation of past exhibitions and events. For information about how to donate digital or physical materials to the Emory Eyedrum Archive, go to https://www.eyedrum.org/eyedrum-materials-donation/

A New Home

In August of 2014, Eyedrum signed a 7-year lease on a 101-year-old building in South Downtown Atlanta in which DIY efforts and community support are working to revive the space as an arts venue and continue with a multitude of new arts programs.

In the spring of 2018, due to forces beyond our control, Eyedrum began to vacate the property on Forsyth St and as of summer is currently looking for a new home. Please be in touch if you have ideas.