Board of Directors

Grace Kim

Vice-Chair, Board of Directors
Grace Kim, Atlanta native and child of Korean immigrants. Her happy place is consulting between arts administration, urban agriculture, and grassroots-driven community development. When she is not foraging or experimenting in the kitchen or doing Eyedrum things, Grace loves to celebrate the work of those who strive to make Atlanta a Beloved Community.

Neil FriedNeil Fried

Treasurer, Board of Directors
Neil V. Fried has been a multi-media artist, producer and presenter in Atlanta for over 25 years, focusing heavily on film, video, music, and sound design. Many of his interests in recent years have jelled around the idea of “live compositing,” the use of analog and digital technologies to create composite montage in real time using film and video projections, computer processing, performance, and the manipulation of projection screen materials. He has also taught video at the college level and privately.

Priscilla Alarcon

Bio and photo forthcoming. 

Daniel DeSimone

Bio and photo forthcoming. 

Willow Goldstein

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Chris GravelyChris Gravely

Chair of Build-Out Committee
Chris Gravely is an experienced Freelance Percussionist of 17 years. He has studied drum set, hand drums, and classical percussion. Chris studied under the instruction of various teachers such as John LaMattina, River Gueguerian, Michael Cebulski, Caleb Harron, Stuart Gerber, and Charles Settle. As a soloist, Chris has performed two Concertos with the Georgia Perimeter Wind Ensemble, and also premiered works by local Atlanta composers such as Lowell Fuchs and Michael Standard. Chris plays in a variety of groups such as The Dekalb Symphony Orchestra, Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra, Loner, The Tin Man, Department 88, Red Wellingtin Quintet, etc., in which he plays anything from found objects to Timpani. Chris is also a Carpenter and the head of the build out committee at Eyedrum music and art gallery.

Ed Hall

Chair of Literary Committee
Ed Hall creates or hones arts journalism for Art Papers and Burnaway, among others. His writings have appeared in Paste, the Dictionary of Literary Biography, and elsewhere. He co-edited Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond. Hall’s forthcoming first novel is titled Chimera Island. He heads Eyedrum’s literary committee.


Y. Caron Harding

Bio and photo forthcoming

Will Lawless

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Kelly Szatyari

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Tracy Woodard

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