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Click here for printable Membership form

One Membership so many benefits!
Be a part of something exceptional and become a member of Eyedrum - voted Best Alternative Art Space for several years now. Eyedrum members get special privileges, free admission and, of course, outstanding exhibitions and live performances. As a member, you can have access to it all, plus the satisfaction of knowing your support advances the arts in our community.

Friend - $40

  • Unlimited free admission for regular programming* for one year
  • Your personal membership card
  • Invitations to special members-only events and programs
  • Your membership is 100% tax-deductible

Partner - $50

  • Receive all the benefits of a Friend level membership for TWO people

Pal - $75

  • Receive all of the benefits of Partner PLUS:
  • 4 one-time guest passes

Buddy - $100

  • Receive all of the benefits of Partner PLUS:
  • 6 one-time guest passes

Comrade- $500

  • Two year membership with all of the benefits of Partner plus:
  • 10 one-time guest passes

* Eyedrum occasionally hosts events that are not considered "regular programming." In these rare cases Eyedrum Members will be admitted at a 50% discount.

Click here for printable Membership Form

We also accept donations online via two different sites -- see our donation page for links. If you are paying online for a membership, please indicate that in your online donation and then also fill out a printed membership form (link above) and mail it in. Thanks!


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