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Eyedrum relies on your donations to continue functioning; if you would like to contribute, you can do so either online or via mail. Eyedrum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and thus your donation may be tax deductible.
Three ways to donate to Eyedrum:
Click here to donate online via Network for Good
Mail your check or money order to:

Eyedrum, Inc.
Suite 8
290 MLK Dr., SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

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Submit payment via PayPal to membership@eyedrum.org; please include your mailing address when you submit the payment. Fancier link to PayPal coming soon!

If you'd like to help with by donating an item that we need to help fulfill our mission, take a look at our Wish List below. If you can help with one of these items, contact us by email: or phone (404-522-0655)

Eyedrum Equipment/Supplies Wish List

(Items crossed out have been donated. Thank you!).
Sound system needs
  • 2 - JBL "Eon 2" Speakers (powered -- 400 Watts ea.)
  • 4 - Shure 5M57 Microphones (~$100 new)
  • 4 - Shure 5M58 Microphones (~$100 new)
  • 8 Microphone Stands with cables ($35-$50 each)
  • 6-8 Direct Boxes ($35-100 each depending on brand, model)
  • Assorted cables
Office Supplies
  • pens/pencils
  • markers: sharpies and big fat ones (black and colors)
  • tape: scotch tape (including dispensers), masking tape, duct tape, gaffers tape
  • staplers, staples, thumbtacks
  • paper for inkjet printer
  • envelopes: both #10 and full size
  • ink for a lexmark z-42 printer [is this the office printer?]
  • some cheap little photocopier/fax combo
  • a first aid kit
  • a safe
  • lots of first class stamps!
  • Toner cartridges for an HP LaserJet 4m laser printer (cost about 70 bucks) so Robert can bring it over to ED to use for printing. It's an industrial strength machine.
  • photoquality paper either glossy or matte for CD covers
  • dsl
  • fax
  • Some decent folding tables, more like the one aluminum table we own
  • a cigarette bucket with sand
  • a recycling bin, so Sean can appease all of the cute women who ask
Video/Film Supplies
  • A video or data projector
  • A good VCR (four heads, stereo)
  • A good DVD player
  • Overhead screen
  • sound people, at least a list of people we can call to ask
  • Volunteers or interns for Art, Website, Administration
  • flyer distributor
  • official mailing list keepers
  • sign painters
  • wall repair team
Construction Supplies
  • wood
  • paint
  • a nice metal sign for out front
ED Recordings Supplies
  • a multi-cdr burner, that will do at least 5 at a time.
  • a cd-printer to print on the cd (yep, they have them)
  • a cd burner/recorder for use in the space during shows
  • big stacks of blank high quality cd-rs that can be printed on and crystal cases
  • mailing boxes for cd-rs
Graphics/Promotions Supplies
  • light table, 24"x36"
  • A color printer that prints water proof inks
  • screen print press
  • A huge box of sharpies, with all of the new colors!
Food + Drink
  • food sponsors at all openings
  • beer and wine sponsors

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