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Fall 2010: Online Application For Plastic Exhibition

Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery proudly announces a CALL TO ARTISTS to submit work for an exhibition entitled Plastic which will be held November 20 - December 26. This group exhibition will feature work by artists created on, of, or about Plastic. Artists working in all mediums are encouraged to enter.

THE EARLY DEADLINE TO APPLY IS OCT. 1, 2010. All early applicants will be given priority over regular deadline applicants. THE REGULAR DEADLINE TO APPLY IS OCT. 22, 2010.

Please see the Online Application for more information.

Spring 2010: Open call for proposals for Eyedrum's new Arts Education Initiative

VISPO at Eyedrum is a Visual Poetry show to be held at Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery on May 1st - May 15th 2010. The mission of the show is to examine the boundaries of the creative and communicative process by seeking work that combines the literary and visual arts. All forms and approaches to Visual Poetry will be considered. Non-English based work is strongly encouraged.

Deadline for submission of work: April 23, 2010

Please see the open call PDF for more information.

Fall 2008: Open call for proposals for Eyedrum's new Arts Education Initiative

Eyedrum is accepting proposals for our new Arts Education Initiative from now until October 17, 2008. The proposals can range from lectures, seminars, workshops, or multi-week-meeting classes to be held during Jan 12- March 22nd (Session I) or April 1-May24th (Session II). Aligned with the Eyedrum’s mission, the classroom space is designated to support alternative instruction, innovative creation and the Atlanta Arts community. The proposals will be reviewed with this mission in mind.

Deadline for submission: October 17th, 2008

Please see the open call PDF for more information.

June 2008: Open call for entries to the "For Good Measure" event

From June 28th to August 9th, Eyedrum will host a pin-up show of drawings and paintings in Gallery One with an opening reception on Saturday, June 28 from 7 to 11PM.

All metro Atlanta artists are invited to participate. Drawings, paintings, photos & other 2D work only.

Please click here for entry information.

Fall 2007: Open call for entries to film/video event

In correlation with Dead Flowers: Haunted Gardens Seeded Wastelands, Eyedrum is hosting a Film and Video night exploring lifecycles. The focus of your submission is open to your interpretation, but in accordance with the gallery shows we strongly encourage short experimental works dealing specifically with “the cycle of life/death/rebirth in the garden".

Deadline for submission: November 1st, 2007

Please see the open call PDF for more information.

March 2007: Open call for entries to portrait show

Eyedrum is now seeking submissions that expand the definition of a portrait, to be exhibited April 28 - June 9 2007 at Eyedrum.

Deadline for submission: March 10, 2007
Notification of selection: March 31, 2007

contact: anneditor(at)gmail(dot)com -- Alyson Laura, Curator

Please see the PDF for more information.

March 2007: Open call for entries to Found Footage event

Eyedrum is currently seeking film and video submissions for a screening featuring found footage to take place in March 2007. The submission deadline is March 17th. Please see the PDF for more information.

Feb 2007: Open call for entries to Furious show

Submit to your rage; submit to FURIOUS: THE ANGRY SHOW. Make an artwork (all media encouraged, including installations) expressing your anger about whatever's really getting your goat. Let it out. Rant and rave. Foam at the mouth. The submission deadline is EXTENDED TO MARCH 15TH. Please see the PDF for more information.

Nov-Dec 2006 "Sound Of Musing" show:

The Small Gallery @ Eyedrum is seeking artists who delve in the world of sound; and this ain’t no American Idol! Between November 11 and December 23, 2006, the Small Gallery will provide an intimate setting for visitors to get comfortable while listening to your sounds through headphones. Visitors will then be encouraged to record their thoughts on paper while listening to the work, hence the “musing”. This sound show will be a multi-artist installation and is open to all sound artists whether you design digitally or capture clandestinely.

Artists are encouraged to submit more than one track. Please note, all submissions are considered final, and will be presented as such.

Mail or drop off cds in paper or jewel tone case with title, artists' name and contact information clearly written on face of cd.

Deadline: September 11, 2006.

For more info: smallgallery@gmail.com

The Sound of Musing
Small Gallery
c/o Eyedrum
290 MLK Jr Dr, suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30312

Nov. 2005: Open call for Corporate Pin-Up show

This show occurred in 2005 and thus is closed. We still have the open call PDF available, because we're packrats and can't get ourselves to delete it, but we are compelled to say all this because people have been blindly clicking on the link and then asking us about including their work in the show. It was in 2005.

Oct. 2005's SWITCH show: Film and video screening at Eyedrum on Friday, October 28.

This screening is in conjunction with the Switch art show at ED and is the final program of the Available Light: Switch Cinema series. This is also the official film series for Atlanta Celebrates Photography 2005! See the SWITCH press release (PDF, 175 kB) for more information about the Switch show in general.

The October 28th screening will be a showcase of local/regional work that fits this theme. Luckily all film experiments with light, so our definition is pretty broad and we are open to anything you may want to submit. Length is also pretty open but keep in mind we want to include as many artists as possible. Format options include video/dvd, 16mm film and super 8 film (other options may be available, so contact us if you have another format you would like to use... We are also able to make DVD dubs of Beta, DBeta, miniDV, DVC Pro, Vhs-C, and Digital High8 tapes in advance for the screening). If you are interested in creating something for the show or if you have something you would like to submit already please send submissions by October 18th to:

Switch Cinema Series
PO BOX 5512
Atlanta GA 31107 
Contact Shana Wood at 678-984-6538.
We can not be responsible for tapes sent through the mail or left at Eyedrum, so if it is an only copy-- PLEASE CALL SHANA and she will GLADLY pick it up!

Feel free to forward this info to anyone you may think is interested.

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