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Established in 1998, Eyedrum is a non-profit organization developing an interdisciplinary approach to the arts by incorporating a wide range of contemporary art, music and new media in its gallery space.

The Mission of the organization is outlined below:
  • Eyedrum supports innovative procedures and technologies of expression while continuing to expand the parameters of presentation in conventional forms.
  • Eyedrum supports the work of artists by actively seeking funding for shows specific to Eyedrum.
  • Eyedrum continues to expand its liaison efforts in Atlanta, through its participation in community events such as the monthly art walk. Additionally, film, lecture events, art and most music events are open to the public as part of Eyedrum's outreach to diverse communities.
  • Through frequent performances, Eyedrum promotes music of all genres. The monthly "Improvisation Night" is dedicated to the exploration/experimentation of music and sound.
  • Eyedrum serves as a site for showing innovative film through the monthly video night which promotes local video artist/production groups.
  • The free lecture series promotes contemporary contextual discussions in theories of art, music and technology.
  • Eyedrum's non-profit educational media label makes its catalog accessible to the community while providing a document of the galleries activities.
What is Eyedrum ART and MUSIC Gallery?

Eyedrum is centrally located downtown at 290 M.L.K Jr. Drive SE, walking distance from the hottest new loft districts in Atlanta and historic Oakland cemetary. Founded in 1998, this unique gallery continues to intrigue the community here and abroad, remaining critics' choice for the best venue for emerging artists in town. Jerry Cullum, Senior Editor of Art Papers notes, "Eyedrum has consolidated its position as Atlanta's premiere alternative art spaces; this artist-run venture has featured everyone from emerging artists to some of the city's most distinguished experimentalists."

EYEDRUM is a collective organization whose mission is to provide a forum which supports and encourages the development, exchange, and presentation of creative ideas. The goal of Eyedrum is to create a forum that serves and nourishes the multifaceted outgrowth in the contemporary cultural arts.

EYEDRUM offers a diverse program:
  • Visual Art: 3 galleries with major art exhibitions every 3-6 weeks, with opening receptions on Saturday evenings. Most exhibition openings are accompanied by live music/ sound performances.
  • Music / Sound: Live music of all genres 2-3 times a week from local, national and international musicians. Every "First Thursday" of the month is "Improvisation Night" dedicated to the ongoing exploration/ experimentation of music and sound and is open to all.
  • Lectures: Discussions intended to challenge, inform, and question ideas and theories of art, music, and technology in contemporary contexts.
  • Video/Film: Rare, underground and never before seen videos and films sponsored by local video artist/ production groups.
  • WWW Presence: www.eyedrum.org. Stay up to date with our diverse schedule, gallery page, podcast, pictures, history and soon video streams and live broadcasts.
Support: Eyedrum's programming is supported in part by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs and by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council.
Eyedrum History

1997Silver Ceiling opens in the 2nd floor apartment of Woody Cornwell and Marshall Avett at 249F Trinity on the west side of downtown at the edge of the Castleberry Hill district
1998Renamed as "Eyedrum", the operation moves downstairs to a street level space at 253 Trinity
1999basement space expanded to provide for a better performance stage and more display space
Sep 2001completes move to new 3,000 sq ft space at 290 MLK Drive on the other side of downtown
Jan 2005expands lease of 290 MLK to 6,000 sq ft total; Shelter show inaugurates the rough space
Mar 2005proper build out of new space starts; Bill Nixon show inaugurates new back gallery
Sep 2005construction of new stage completed, performances move to new back stage, opening up front gallery for larger shows

Eyedrum's Board of Directors

Chris Appleton
Nathan Brown
Woody Cornwell
Neil Fried
Ed Hall
Laura Hennighausen
Merica May Jensen
Robert Kee
Chante LaGon
Anna Rodriguez
Priscilla Smith
Sadie Upchurch
Allen Welty-Green
John Wesley

top row: Deisha Oliver, Senya Zaitsev, Sadie Upchurch
bottom row: Chante LaGon, Priscilla Smith, Allen Welty-Green, Devidyal Kalsa, Ed Hall, Susannah Darrow
not shown: Chris Appleton, Woody Cornwell, Merica May Jensen, Dana Young
photo credit: Joeff Davis / Creative Loafing


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